Artist Directory — Germany

Von Ernst, Emil (1817-1905)

Emil Von Ernst lived in Dusseldorf and is known to have exhibited at the Berlin Academy. He primarily known as a landscape painter and worked in a traditiona...
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Von Hackl, Gabriel (1843-1926)

Gabriel Von Hackl was capable of highly detailed portraits and scenes but also painted in a more impressionistic style in the later part of his career. He wa...
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Von Hagn, Richard (1850-1933)

Richard Von Hagn was well-respected in his day and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden. He spent many years of his adult life in Venice, which bec...
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Wagner, Carl (1796-1867)

Carl Wagner was known as an important figure within this movement and is particularly well-regarded for his landscapes and scenes. He studied at Dresden Art ...
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