Art & Action: The Life Of Erik Werenskiold

February 20, 2023
Author: Polly Pyke When thinking about Norwegian art, perhaps the name Edvard Munch is the first to come to mind. Munch’s influence on western art, as well as his country’s own artistic identity, s...
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What Are Etchings, Aquatints & Drypoints?

December 17, 2022
Author: Andy Shield Invented in 1513 by the Swiss artist Urs Graf, etchings are prints that use acid to bite an incised image into a metal plate. Over the centuries, numerous artists have adopted ...
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Jane Loftus - The Queen’s Confidante

October 19, 2022
Author: Andy Shield Oh, Jane Loftus, how did you cope while cooped up under Queen Victoria’s control for 48 years? Widowed at 36, riddled with illness, yet stoic in the face of a sovereign who drew...
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Meet The Sharmans

July 06, 2022
Every so often, we discover a painting that provides a few tantalising clues as to its deeper story. A few snippets of information that warrant further investigation - and sometimes immerse us in a...
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Meet The Vermehrens

May 27, 2021
Frederik Vermehren (1823-1910) painted in a style that was rooted in the traditional beliefs of the 'Danish Golden Age'. With ultra-fine details, he carefully laid every mark to create a near-perfe...
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Trouillebert & The Magic Of Fontainebleau

March 31, 2021
During the early 19th-century, the Forest of Fontainebleau, near Paris, spanned over 42,000 acres and housed a wide range of flora and fauna. It had everything a landscape painter longed for and be...
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