Artist Directory — Italy

Barri, Giacomo (1636-1690)

Giacomo Barri was a leading Italian printmaker from the Baroque period. He hailed from Venice and is best known for his book, Viaggio pittoresco d'Italia, wh...
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Bonifazi, Adriano (1858-1914)

Adriano Bonifazi worked in Capri and Rome and often produced ‘picture perfect’ portraits which idealised their subjects. Many of these were created as pairs ...
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Canino, Vinzenzo (1892-1978)

Vinzenzo Canino was known primarily for landscapes, street scenes and the occasional portrait. Through the use of colour, expressive brushwork and compositio...
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Cecchi, Adriano (1850-1936)

Adriano Cecchi was an Italian artist with an affinity for coquettish, rococo portraits and historical scenes of the 18th-century. He also produced an array o...
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Ferrari, Carlo (1813-1871)

Italian artist Carlo Ferrari had an illustrious and diverse career both as a painter, restorer, engraver and connoisseur of art. He is known predominantly, h...
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