Cipolla, Fabio (1854-1935)

Cipolla, Fabio (1854-1935)

Working predominantly from his studio in Rome, Fabio Cipolla was a distinguished Italian painter of genre scenes and ‘costume paintings’. He trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and his works were published in various periodicals.


Torinese Exposition, Rome, Turin, Milan.

Public Collections

Academy of Fine Arts, Rome.



Born in Rome, Italy to Guglielmo Cipolla and Laura Cipolla (nee Piccioni).

Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Rome.


Shown in Brera, Milan.


Shown at the 'Torinese Exposition'.


Shown in Rome.


Shown in Turin.


Published in L'Illustrazione Popolare (1894-1895)

“A duet, painting by Fabio Cipolla. It is a small scene from the eighteenth century that the painter Fabio Cipolla painted in a very nice picture and which we reproduce. An elegant knight has come to visit his fiancée, and with her he goes over a few pages of Paisiello and Cimarosa on the spinet. Blessed young people who soar naively and in love in the world of melodies and hopes!... And placid times those!... Domestic life was completely different from now. More novenas in front of the sacred images; more respectful hand kisses in the halls of ancestral palaces; and fewer happy expansions.

The cities were a dense network of convents; and in the convents they languished and trembled, forcibly hunted, flowers of youth and beauty that would have gladly shone at the father's table with the man chosen by the heart at their side. Poor loves, who, when they could, vented the repressed eloquence of glances, in the languor of Boccherini's slow and cadenced minnetti, or at the spinet interpreting Cimarosa's Secret Marriage in a passionate duet! The powdered wigs made the fresh rosy color of the faces lit up in the chords of the spinet and of the troubled and trembling souls stand out better.

Everything was elegance all around. On the canvas, a decorator with good taste painted garlands of flowers; for he thought that it is impossible to separate the inspiration of music from the gentlest products of the earth, which shine with fresh complexions and respond to the kiss of the lips with perfume. Alone, alone, how the young engaged men rose into the spheres of ecstasy as they rehearsed some new aria with a pastoral rhythm on the keys! What an idyll flourished in their hearts!....”


Died in Rome, Italy.

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