Ladell, Edward (1821-1886)

Celebrated as a genius, Edward Ladell was regarded by many as the finest still life painter of the Victorian era. A “most genial, kind-hearted and affable ma...
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Corbet, Edward (1823-1899)

Edward Corbet was a popular British artist predominantly known for his sporting scenes and portraits of animals. Born in the idyllic Hampshire village of Sel...
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Miles, Thomas Rose (1844-1916)

Thomas Rose Miles was a British artist predominantly known for his energetic marine scenes. Trawlers precariously heeling battered by rolling waves, lifeboat...
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Foot, Frederick (1830-1908)

Frederick Foot was an accomplished British landscape painter working predominantly in the South-West of England. Born in Ashburton, Devon, Foot was raised am...
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Wardle, Arthur (1864-1949)

Arthur Wardle was an accomplished British painter predominantly known for his naturalistic portrayals of animals. A precocious talent, Wardle received no aca...
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