Fowler, Martha (b.1843)

British artist Martha Fowler (b.1843) was a British painter of landscapes and interior scenes working predominantly in watercolours. She lived in Southampton...
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Bristow, Lily (1864-1935)

Emily Caroline (Lily) Bristow was a remarkable British painter of landscapes and genre scenes in oils and watercolours. She trained at Clapham School of Art ...
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Hunt, Edwin Henry (1840-1925)

Hailing from London, England, Edwin Henry Hunt (1840-1925) was an accomplished engraver, predominantly known for racing subjects. Hunt’s formative years were...
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Sturgess, John (1839-1908)

John Sturgess was a British painter, illustrator and lithographer of sporting scenes and equestrian subjects. Rearing up, kicking dust in rebellion, unwillin...
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