Turner, George (1843-1910)

The elegant, atmospheric works of British artist George Turner earned him the title of ‘the Derbyshire Constable.’ Loyal to his home county, Turner was a ren...
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Burrows, Robert (1810-1883)

British artist Robert Burrows contributed to the artistic life of his hometown of Ipswich during the 19th century. With his richly coloured, lovingly detaile...
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Spencelayh, Charles (1865-1958)

British artist Charles Spencelayh was hailed in his time as the ‘modern Meissonier of British domestic life.’ His scenes, ranging from moments of high emotio...
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Mouncey, William (1852-1901)

Scottish artist William Mouncey was, said close friend Malcolm Harper, ‘undoubtedly a born landscape painter.’ A passionate, emotional artist, Mouncey would ...
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Hatherell, William (1855-1928)

Gracefully elegant, emotionally effused works define the oeuvre of artist and illustrator William Hatherell. One of the most successful and prominent illustr...
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