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Rossiter, Charles (1827-1897)

Charles Rossiter was a popular British painter of genre subjects. Looking back across the rich and varied tapestry of Rossiter’s oeuvre, one gets the impress...
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Fischer, Benno (1828-1865)

Hailing from Dresden, Germany, Benno Fischer was an academy-trained painter of history, genre and portraits. Working during a period of stability and emergin...
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Dillmann, Eugenie (1858-1940)

Eugenie Dillmann was a German artist predominantly known for her impressionistic landscapes - particularly covering views in Bavaria, the Alps, and Brandenbu...
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Kindt, Adèle (1804-1884)

Adèle Kindt was a distinguished Belgian painter of portraits, history subjects and genre. A precocious talent, from an early age she was destined to become o...
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Grainger, Thomas (1849-1930)

Thomas Grainger was a British landscape painter known predominantly for his watercolour sketches depicting views in County Durham. Born the son of a joiner/u...
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