Artist Directory — Sweden

Erdmann, Axel (1873-1954)

Olof Axel Ferdinand Erdmann was an accomplished Swedish painter of landscapes, cityscapes, harbour scenes and figures. He was also a published folklorist. He...
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Åslund, Elis (1872-1956)

Elis Åslund was an accomplished Swedish painter, sculptor and illustrator known predominantly for landscapes, portraits and figures. He trained in Stockholm ...
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Carlberg, Hugo (1880-1943)

Hugo Carlberg was an accomplished Swedish painter of portraits and landscapes, particularly views in Småland or harbour scenes in Bornholm. He trained at the...
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Kjellberg, Nils (1871-1938)

Nils Kjellberg was an accomplished Swedish draughtsman, cartoonist and painter. He’s known predominantly for illustrating numerous children’s books. He’s rep...
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Tägtström, David (1894-1981)

David Tägtström was a Swedish artist predominantly known as one of Sweden’s leading figures in drypoint engraving. He was also an accomplished portraitist, c...
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Jacobson, Lennart (1909-1944)

Hugo Lennart Jacobson was an accomplished Swedish painter of landscapes, still lifes, figures and cityscapes. He trained initially at Edward Berggren's paint...
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Simonsson, Birger (1883-1938)

Birger Simonsson was an important contributor to Swedish modernism and known predominantly for portraits, figures, and landscapes. He trained at the Académie...
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Olson, Ragnar (1884-1949)

Ragnar Olson (born Knut Ragnar Olson) was an accomplished Swedish-American painter of marine scenes, coastal views and landscapes. At the age of 18, he moved...
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