Artist Directory — Sweden

Jerken, Erik (1898-1947)

Erik Jerken was a Swedish painter and illustrator predominantly known for modernist still lifes and landscapes. He trained at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fi...
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Johansson, Carl (1863-1944)

Carl Johansson was a Swedish painter of landscapes and a member of the Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm. Johansson led a fascinating career, in which his styl...
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Nordgren, Axel (1828-1888)

With his works imbued with a ‘rough power and controlled melancholy,’ Swedish artist Axel Norgren was an extremely emotive and reactive landscape painter. He...
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Lampa, Gunnar (1873-1952)

Swedish artist Gunnar Lampa took inspiration from the call to passion and expression in developments in art during his time in his effusively rendered scenes...
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Sundvall, Gösta (1900-1957)

Swedish artist Gösta Sundvall painted with vivacity and modernity very in tune with developments in Swedish art during the early 20th century. Sundvall, like...
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Bastin, Louis (1912-1979)

Childhood whimsy and the joys of the every day are the main focus in the works of etcher Louis Bastin. Born to French and German parents, the First World War...
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Cleve, Agnes (1876-1951)

Agnes Cleve was one of Sweden’s foremost female artists of the early 20th-Century. A maestro at modernism, Cleve’s vivacious, fast-paced works capture with e...
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