Artist Directory — Germany

Krüger, Albert (1858-1910)

Engraver and woodcut artist Albert Krüger produced brilliantly rendered copies of the old masters and his contemporaries’ work alike. Working all his profess...
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Ludwig, Herbert (1901-1976)

There is unfortunately very little known about the German artist Herbert Ludwig. The works that remain suggest that the artist perhaps stayed in or remained ...
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Hecker, Franz (1870-1944)

German artist Franz Hecker was a curious artist of an experimental soul, who turned his hand and mind to many different mediums and styles. The most resoundi...
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Wintzer, Richard (1866-1952)

German illustrator, composer, and music critic Richard Wintzer transposed the lyricism and sweet melodies of his music into his visual art. The specific deta...
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Spiess, Heinrich (1832-1875)

Figures of fantasy and the grand scenes of history captured the brush of German artist Heinrich Spiess. Spiess was the son of engraver August Spiess, and it ...
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Jahn, Georg (1869-1940)

German artist Georg Jahn was one of the greatest etchers to hail from the Dresden region. His works, produced during the early 20th century, are impeccable e...
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Goetze, Otto (1868-1931)

The etchings of German artist Otto Goetze are executed with a skilled and graceful style indicative of the artist’s oeuvre. Goetze would be a key part of the...
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