Artist Directory — Germany

Heffner, Karl (1849-1925)

Karl Heffner was a well-regarded German landscape painter in oils and watercolours. He trained in Munich under Adolf Stademann and Adolf Heinrich Lier. His w...
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Ränike, Martin (b.1863)

German artist Martin Ränike (b.1863) was primarily known for book illustrations but also produced figurative works in oil. Born in a village near the histori...
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Von Heider, Hans (1867-1952)

Hans Von Heider was an accomplished German painter of landscapes and still lifes. He trained in Munich at the Academy of Fine Arts under Heinz Heim and Gabri...
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Langer, Viggo (1860-1942)

Viggo Langer was an accomplished German painter predominantly known for his spirited impressionistic depictions of picturesque Danish views. He trained in Co...
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Kotsch, Theodor (1818-1884)

German artist Theodor Kotsch is predominantly known for his sublime landscapes in the romantic taste. Born in Hanover, Germany, he was self-taught but gained...
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Dammeier, Rudolf (1851-1936)

German artist Rudolf Dammeier is predominantly known for genre scenes, interiors and portraits. Born in Berlin, he received a formal education via the Berlin...
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