Artist Directory — Germany

Arndt, Leo (1857-1945)

Leo Arndt was a German illustrator and etcher that’s primarily known for his fine landscapes and portraits. His works are traditional in style and rooted in ...
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Barascudts, Max (1869-1927)

Max Barascudts was known for his detailed genre scenes, particularly of religious subjects. He trained at the Munich Academy under Paul Höcker and Johann Leo...
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Behm, Karl (1858-1905)

German artist Karl Behm is primarily known for lighthearted genre scenes, which celebrate friendship, family and love. His style was rooted in the past and m...
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Block, Joseph (1863-1943)

German artist, Josef Block, was an important contributor to the Berlin art scene at the turn of the century. Following his Academy training, his style was ro...
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Broch, Alois (1864-1937)

Broch was a fine portraitist that trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. He was raised in Budapest but spent most of his life in Germany. Aside from ...
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Fritzel, Wilhelm (1870-1943)

Wilhelm Fritzel studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, which was the leading German Academy for many years. He was taught by an eclectic mixture of artists...
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