Dillmann, Eugenie (1858-1940)

Dillmann, Eugenie (1858-1940)
Dillmann, Eugenie (1858-1940)

Eugenie Dillmann was a German artist predominantly known for her impressionistic landscapes - particularly covering views in Bavaria, the Alps, and Brandenburg. Hailing from Kiel, she was born into a family of much endeavour. Her father, August, was a renowned ‘orientalist’, linguist, and theology professor. While her sisters, Elisabeth and Julie, were both in the arts.

Following a move to Berlin, she trained initially under Julius Jacob the Younger and then with landscape painter Bernhard Buttersack. Both appear to have been influential, particularly the latter.

Dillmann’s style evolved over the decades - in her formative years, she often captured views in the mountains, from Bavaria to Switzerland. These early works often exhibit a rugged quality with rich colouring. But as her career progressed, her style became somewhat smoother - with less emphasis on individual details and more on tonal shifts.


Berlin, Munich, Tausch und Grosse Art Salon.



Born in Kiel, Germany, to August Dillmann, a theologian, and Mathilde Dillmann.


Moved to Berlin.

Studied at the drawing and painting school of the Association of Berlin Artists under Julius Jacob the Younger (1842-1929).

Trained in Haimhausen near Dachau under Bernhard Buttersack (1858-1925), a painter of impressionistic landscapes.

From 1891

Exhibited primarily in Berlin and Munich.


Elected a member of the Association of Berlin Artists.


Two photographs included in the ‘Photographic Overview and Communications’ by the Association for the Promotion of Photography, Berlin.


Elected a member of the German Art Cooperative (Berlin). 


Lived in Berlin with her sister, Elisabeth, a wood sculptor, and brother Eduard, a scholar.


Died in Berlin.

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