Artist Directory — Belgium

Van Looy, Jan (1882-1971)

Jan Van Looy was an accomplished Belgian painter of still lifes, impressionistic landscapes and interiors. He trained in Brussels at the Royal Academy of Fin...
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Van Her, Carlo (1884-1960)

Carlo Van Her (also known as Charles Van Herbruggen) was a Belgian painter of landscapes, seascapes and figures. Very little is known about the career of thi...
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Verhaert, Piet (1852-1908)

Belgian artist Piet Verhaert was an accomplished painter of portraits, interiors and genre subjects. Inspired by the Dutch and Flemish masters, he’s predomi...
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Verstraete, Theodoor (1850-1907)

Belgian artist Theodoor Verstraete was known in his time as the ‘poet of rural life.’ Leader of the ‘School of Brasschaat’ landscape painters, Verstraete rem...
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Claesen, Jef (1878-1965)

Belgian artist Jef Claesen proved an influential force in the promotion of a Belgian school of artists who celebrated their natural surroundings. Living and ...
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Böhm, Auguste (1819-1891)

Belgian artist Auguste Böhm created landscapes of romantic reverie and naturalistic zest. Depicting the glories of the Belgian countryside, Böhm established ...
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