Artist Directory — Belgium

Loos, Henry (fl. 1870-1894)

Hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, Henry Loos was an accomplished ship-portraitist. Given the thriving nature of maritime trade during the latter part of the 19t...
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Wiethase, Edgard (1881-1965)

Hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, Edgard Wiethase was an academy-trained painter of interiors, portraits, still lifes and landscapes. Attired in “cool-fitting” ...
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Kindt, Adèle (1804-1884)

Adèle Kindt was a distinguished Belgian painter of portraits, history subjects and genre. A precocious talent, from an early age she was destined to become o...
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Robbe, Louis (1806-1887)

Louis Robbe was a distinguished Belgian painter, engraver, and lawyer who is regarded as one of the forerunners of realism in animal painting. Before Robbe’s...
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Bataille, Irène (1913-2012)

Irène Bataille was a Belgian artist predominantly known for landscapes, still lifes, harbour scenes and village views. Her spirited oeuvre is bustling with v...
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De Wit, Prosper (1862-1951)

Prosper De Wit was an accomplished Belgian painter of landscapes and genre scenes. He trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and his works are hel...
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