Artist Directory — France

Merigot, James (1760-1824)

French engraver and publisher James Merigot invigorated his scenes from across Europe with the spirit of his age. Working predominantly in London, he present...
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Pelletier, Jean (1736-1780)

Jean Pelletier was a French engraver who worked predominantly in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, very little is known about Pelletier’s life. Ho...
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Rose, Alexandre Auguste

The delicate, elegantly coloured paintings of French artist Alexandre Auguste Rose offer a glimpse of an artist unfortunately lost between the pages of histo...
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Devé, Eugène (1826-1887)

Strong atmosphere and painterly poetry define the works of French artist Eugène Devé. Receiving instruction and friendship from some of the greatest artists ...
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Robbe, Manuel (1872-1936)

With characterful craftsmanship and a keen eye for the curious and alluring, French artist Manuel Robbe is considered one of the leading etchers of the ‘Bell...
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Denonne, Alexandre (1879-1953)

Every corner of Brussels was carefully crafted into beautifully vivid and elegantly impressionist works by Belgian artist Alexandre Denonne. Working predomin...
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