Artist Directory — France

Allegre, Raymond (1857-1933)

Raymond Allegre studied at the School of Fine Arts in Marseille and often painted light-filled views along the French Riviera. Many of his works were exhibit...
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Barotte, Léon (1866-1933)

French artist, Leon Barotte, exhibited at the Salons de Nancy and Remiremont until 1913 and at the Salon of French artists from 1912. He's predominantly know...
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Benoît, Léon Marie

In 1907, French artist Léon Marie Benoît was awarded a medal at a Salon in Lyon where he exhibited multiple times. He was primarily known for his peaceful la...
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Bokkelandt, Pierre

Pierre Bokkelandt was a French painter that worked during the early to mid 20th-century. He was primarily known for impressionistic rural views and won vari...
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Boutry, Edgar (1857-1938)

Edgar Boutry studied at the Lille Academic Schools and with Jules Cavelier at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He produced several statues in his hometown ...
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Charrier, Henri (1859-1950)

French artist, Henri Charrier, lived and worked in Paris. He participated in the Paris salons and received an honourable mention in 1892. He trained under Je...
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