Artist Directory — Denmark

Henningsen, Frants (1850-1908)

Frants Henningsen was an accomplished Danish painter of fine genre scenes, interiors and landscapes. He trained initially at Christian Vilhelm Nielsen's draw...
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Tornøe, Wenzel (1844-1907)

Wenzel Tornøe (1890-1948) was an accomplished Danish painter of landscapes, scenes and figures. He trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenh...
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Bissen, Rudolf (1846-1911)

Rudolf Bissen was an award-winning Danish painter of naturalistic landscapes. Born in Copenhagen, Bissen honed his early skills under the guidance of Denmark...
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Moe, Andreas (1877-1952)

Andreas Moe was a Danish painter of impressionistic landscapes. Inspired by his teacher, Johan Rohde, his works are often imbued with a gentle radiance and f...
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Edsberg, Knud (1911-2003)

Danish artist Knud Edsberg painted with a passion for his homeland and for the great history of art which had spanned before him. Producing mainly genre scen...
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 Broge, Alfred (1870-1955)

Danish artist Alfred Broge depicted gloriously illuminated scenes of the Danish landscape, as well as grittier cityscapes and homely interior scenes. Broge’s...
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