Artist Directory — Denmark

Sørensen, Jens (1887-1953)

Jens Sørensen was a Danish artist predominantly known for his expressive scenes - particularly those depicting Dyrehavsbakken in Copenhagen, the world’s olde...
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Krohn, Pietro (1840-1905)

Pietro Købke Krohn was a gifted multi-faceted creative who is celebrated both for his art and his broader work within the artistic community. He was the son ...
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Borregaard, Eduard (1902-1978)

Eduard Borregaard was a proficient Danish painter of expressive still lifes, figures and landscapes. Inspired by the post-impressionists, his vibrant works a...
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Libert, Georg Emil (1820-1908)

Georg Emil Libert was an accomplished Danish landscape painter known primarily for his grand naturalistic depictions of Jutland and Bornholm. Training at the...
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Kornerup, Jacob (1825-1913)

Jacob Kornerup was a Danish artist and archaeologist predominantly known for the restoration and cataloguing of numerous medieval church frescoes. He also pr...
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Thornam, Ludovica (1853-1896)

Ludovica Thornam was an accomplished Danish painter of portraits, figures and scenes. During the early part of her career, women were not permitted to attend...
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