Artist Directory — Denmark

 Broge, Alfred (1870-1955)

Danish artist Alfred Broge depicted gloriously illuminated scenes of the Danish landscape, as well as grittier cityscapes and homely interior scenes. Broge’s...
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Holm, Just (1815-1907)

Danish artist Just Holm garnered a successful career as a portrait painter, as well as completing a number of delightful and romantically infused genre scene...
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Hune, Anders (1894-1968)

Born Anders Carl Nielsen, the Danish artist Anders Hune changed his name after an inspiring trip to the village of Hune in the northern reaches of Denmark to...
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Mønsted, Peter (1859-1941)

Danish artist Peter Mønsted possessed the canny ability to summon the natural characteristics of a country and translate them into a painting of great skill ...
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Brasen, Hans Ole (1849-1930)

Glorious scenes of the Danish countryside, tinted with whimsy and nostalgia, grace the oeuvre of Danish artist Hans Ole Brasen. Brasen engaged both with the ...
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Søeborg, Axel (1872-1939)

The ochre yawn of autumn and the bitter sleep of winter are the preoccupations of Danish artist Axel Søeborg’s landscapes. With his singular, distinctive han...
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Kierulf, Frode (1889-1963)

Danish artist Frode Kierulf called upon charismatic dashes of colour and his lively, interpretative brush to create works brimming with life and artistic fla...
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Kornerup, Valdemar (1865-1924)

Valdemar Kornerup made his name as one of the last great folk life painters in Denmark. When painting styles around him were changing and modernising, Korner...
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Monies, David (1812-1894)

David Monies was much sought after as a portrait painter in his homeland of Denmark. He also produced an array of whimsically spirited, celebratory genre sce...
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