At Brave Fine Art, we’re a little different.

We’re Researchers

We’re researchers rather than dealers. Over the last five years, we’ve uncovered more than 400 lesser-known artists and tried to tell their story. We’re working hard to provide a stage for the extraordinary painters that time forgot.

Emotional Connection

We look for paintings that grab hold of you - the ones that are worth keeping for years. The most engaging artworks provide depth and a sense of something more. And often that’s enhanced when you uncover the artist’s story.


The art world is seemingly obsessed with value. Why does the price of an artwork infer its quality? We prefer to avoid discussing an artwork’s monetary value as it reduces it to a commodity. That’s why we work to a standard markup like a normal shop rather than set our prices randomly.

No Fanfares

We’re not at all glamorous. There are no red carpets, fanfares or asparagus canapés. You’ll often find us with our heads buried in research rather than quaffing champers.

Obsessed With Shipping

We take our role as custodians very seriously and pack all artwork with care and consideration. Many of the paintings are transported overseas.

Who Are We?

Andy Shield, Holly Batley and Paul Badger.

Where Are We?

Cheltenham Spa in the Cotswolds. If you’ve not been before, it’s well worth a day trip for its Regency architecture, shopping and restaurants.

Do feel free to contact us as we’re always happy to share further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping?
Shipping is free throughout the United Kingdom, United States and European Union. For everywhere else, shipping starts at £29.99. Parcels are generally sent via DHL and all customs paperwork is taken care of for international deliveries. If you're overseas and your painting is particularly large or fragile, it may need crating for an additional fee.
How are paintings packed?
We wrap paintings in plenty of thick bubble wrap and use acid free paper when appropriate. Boxes are made from sturdy card and are often telescopic. Custom made boxes are used for larger paintings and we use crates for some deliveries overseas.
Where are the paintings sourced?
We buy from auction houses and private collectors throughout Europe.
Can I arrange a viewing?
Yes, we would be happy to arrange a viewing at our unit in Cheltenham. Please contact us in advance.

Recent Reviews

“Gorgeous picture and seriously the fastest customer service available, regardless of time zone.”

“The painting was expertly photographed and described, and did not disappoint when it arrived. This painting is wonderful! Andy had excellent communication both before and after the sale. The packaging was careful and shipping, even overseas, very fast. Could not have been a better transaction!”

“Painting is beautiful. A true treasure. The shipping was unbelievable! It was professionally packed and shipped within a few days! That is unheard of considering it came from the UK. Very impressed with the quick response from Andy. Definitely will be placing this exquisite shop in my very favourites list! Thank you!”

“Beautiful. Soulful and Rare. Absolutely wonderful treasure! Andy is by far, the kindest person to work with. Always a joyful experience in every aspect. A thousand stars for this amazing shop.”