Artist Directory — Netherlands

Laudy, Jean (1877-1956)

With a ‘wonderful gift of harmony and an exceedingly clever “technique,”’ Dutch-Belgian artist Jean Laudy was an extremely popular painter during the early 2...
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Hobbema, Meindert (1638-1709)

Meindert Hobbema was one of the last great landscape painters of the Dutch Golden Age. His richly painted scenes, abundant with woodlands and watermills, wer...
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Moll, Evert (1878-1955)

Dutch artist Evert Moll could often be seen painting upon the precipice of the ports of his hometown of Rotterdam, capturing the overlap of nature and human ...
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Berchem, Nicolaes (1620-1683)

Dutch artist Nicolaes Berchem is considered one of the greatest artists of the Italianate landscape style working in the Netherlands during the 17th century....
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Witsen, Willem (1860-1923)

Dutch artist Willem Witsen came from an old, established, and wealthy patrician family. He had Amsterdam in his blood, and alongside it, the great Dutch pain...
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