18th-Century Crucifixion With The Virgin Mary And Cherubs

Oil on canvas

A beautifully rendered portrayal of Christ’s crucifixion, which dates to the 18th-century. It depicts Christ on the cross with a crown of thorns, bright halo and white robe. At his feet, the Virgin Mary kneels as she prays for him.

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Art In Plain English... Emerging Artists

Being an emerging artist has nothing to do with slowly appearing from behind a DFS sofa and startling sale-hunters. I speak from experience.

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Interview With Stefan Boulter

There are a few themes recurring in my work, theatrically staged compositions, myths and a kind of a symbolic meditations on nature, humans the sky earth and stars.

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Interview With Rosemary Burn

I have a long standing passionate interest in the possibility of other realms and dimensions, and though not always obvious, this is the underlying theme in my work.

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