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Balmer, George (c. 1806-1846)

George Balmer was born in North Shields and would’ve known this location well. He enjoyed his local surroundings and often painted fine views along the coast...
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Baran, Otakar (1905-1986)

Otakar Baran began his career in advertising and design and would’ve had contact with many young business executives and fashion models. In 1937, Baran visi...
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Barascudts, Max (1869-1927)

Max Barascudts was known for his detailed genre scenes, particularly of religious subjects. He trained at the Munich Academy under Paul Höcker and Johann Leo...
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Barenger, James (1780-1831)

James Barenger was a highly regarded painter of animal and sporting scenes. He exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and had numerous aristoc...
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Barotte, Léon (1866-1933)

French artist, Leon Barotte, exhibited at the Salons de Nancy and Remiremont until 1913 and at the Salon of French artists from 1912. He's predominantly know...
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