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Hoppe, Bruno (1859-1937)

Swedish artist Bruno Hoppe captured the character of human sitters and the transcendent beauties of nature in his vivid paintings. At times he also made stud...
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Voigt, Otto Eduard (1870-1949)

Artist Otto Eduard Voigt drew inspiration from his work as a ceramic painter in the genre scenes and still life paintings he executed during his lifetime. Vo...
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Borglind, Stig (1892-1965)

Stig Borglind built for himself a respected reputation as a graphic artist both internationally and in his homeland of Sweden. Working in the early 20th cent...
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Durand, Godefroy (1832-1896)

Illustrator Godefroy Durand was at the forefront of periodical press illustration in France and Britain during the 19th century. The illustrated periodical p...
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Fuchs, Ernst (1930-2015)

Ernst Fuchs is considered as one of the finest artists to emerge from Austria, iconic for his fantastical, surreal works. His contribution to the furtherance...
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Lundegård, Justus (1860-1924)

Justus Lundegård was one of the leading figures in the development and encouragement of art in Sweden in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Lundegård’s ...
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