Kaltenmoser, Max (1842-1887)

Kaltenmoser, Max (1842-1887)

Max Kaltenmoser was a German painter who produced exquisite genre scenes depicting everyday folk life in the Black Forest. He was initially trained by his father, Caspar Kaltenmoser (1806-1867), and entered the Academy of Fine Arts in 1858.

During the early part of his career, he gained inspiration via study trips to Swabia and Tyrol where he observed the attractive interiors of rural farmhouses. This experience undoubtedly proved invaluable as his popularity began to grow.

But, along with his brother Albert, he was blighted by ill health and died at just 45. In 1869, he spent the Winter convalescing on the Riveria so he clearly suffered from a long-term condition. His brother died at 26 from tuberculosis.

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