Introducing Jody Kelly

Introducing Jody Kelly

Jody Kelly Opening Collection

Ayrshire-based figurative artist, Jody Kelly, draws on references from popular culture to create images with the ethereal sheen of a David Hockney. His opening collection at Brave features six highly skilled acrylics that showcase two distinct sides of his repertoire.

On one hand, works such as "Peep Show" and "Humdingers" capture the beauty often hidden within life’s passing moments. In these snapshot glimpses, he brings a sense of glamour to the otherwise forgotten images that usually gather dust in our digital folders.

While on the other, his collage-style pieces, such as “Oh Mickey, You’re So Fine” and "Ooh Jessica” deftly splice together iconic elements from advertising, film and TV. They seem to bottle our childlike fascination for animated classics while dipping our earliest TV memories into a barrel-load of sugar.

It’s no surprise that Jody’s popularity is increasing with every exhibition, so do grab a bargain while you still can.

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