Introducing Tom Davies

Introducing Tom Davies

Emerging artist, Tom Davies, creates dramatic abstracts that explode into view, while also retaining their poise and elegance. His energetic works have received high praise nationally and critics have compared him to the celebrated abstract expressionist, Jackson Pollock.

In a similar way to Pollock, Tom adopts a method known as “action painting” that involves using gestural brushstrokes and dripping paint rather than precisely applying it. By doing so, he creates large epic canvases that seem to pull you into a cosmos of colour and thickly textured marks.

It’s a difficult skill to master as the space between each flick or drip is potentially more important than the actual paint itself. Knowing when to stop is just as vital as considering where to begin.

These nuances give Tom’s abstracts a sense of balance that’s rare to find within this genre of art. When you position one of his paintings on a wall, it provides a level of decorative appeal that can transform an entire room.

Since emerging onto the scene only recently, he’s already been selected to appear on the digital screens at the Saatchi Gallery, London. Several private collectors have also purchased his works.

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