Interview With Irene Gronwall

Interview With Irene Gronwall

Stockholm-based, Irene Gronwall, creates evokative abstracts that are abundant with activity and life. She encourages viewers to simply let go and just experience her work rather than interpret it.

From an early age she was immersed into the world of painting, as her father was an artist. And for the last 20 years, she’s split her time between her two creative endeavours – acting and painting.

Where are you from originally and where are you based currently?

I am from Stockholm, I live here and I also have my studio in Stockholm. How long have you been an artist? I have exhibited and sold my artwork for 20 years, but I first trained as an actor – in London!

Why do you create?

Acting and painting are very similar when it comes to creative work. An empty stage and an empty canvas has to be filled with meaning for the viewer. Some sort of experience that hopefully filles the heart! I create for the same reason, it makes me happy and I learn things about myself.

Is there an underlying theme to your work?

Painting is a process, as life is a process. I am interested in what lays underneath, both as a painter and as an actor. What do we show and what do we hide? My paintings are layers upon layers, I add and I subtract. I want the viewer to use their emotions and become moved. Experience the painting – rather than “understand”.

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