Interview With Rosemary Burn

Interview With Rosemary Burn

Where are you from originally and where are you based currently?

I am currently based in Wiltshire, although I spent most of my adult life in London where I studied sculpture at Chelsea school of art obtaining an MA.

How long have you been an artist?

Since I was a child I have always loved drawing and being creative, and this includes my love for music – I am also a classically trained pianist, having studied the piano at Trinity college of music. Public concerts include two performances at the Royal Festival Hall, London. Sadly, I developed a problem with my right hand and I turned my attentions to painting in 2017.

Which artists inspire you?

Artists who inspire me are Paul Cezanne, Euan Uglow, Michael Andrews, Nathan Ford and Martin Yeoman to name just a few. I love the unexpected nature of painting and if I begin to find myself overworking a piece I usually discard it and start again.

Is there an underlying theme to your work?

I have a long standing passionate interest in the possibility of other realms and dimensions, and though not always obvious, this is the underlying theme in my work. The concept of time fascinates me, and different states… freezing, evaporating, I find the very act of painting is a history of brushmarks and the distillation of a moment in time.

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