Artist Directory — Hungary

Gergely, Imre (1868-1914)

Hungarian artist Imre Gergely is predominantly known for his Renoir-esque impressionistic scenes. Born in Budapest, he trained at the Hungarian Academy of Fi...
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Berkes, Antal (1874-1938)

Antal Berkes was born in Budapest and later lived in Paris, where he enjoyed capturing views of bustling streets. He studied at The Academy of Fine Arts in B...
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Békéssy, Leo (1890-1966)

Leo Békéssy was a Hungarian artist known for landscapes, scenes and portraits. His paintings are often characterised by expressive brushwork and bold colour ...
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Heyer, Arthur (1872-1931)

German-Hungarian painter Arthur Heyer was a respected painter of animal portraits and particularly well known for his fascination with white cats. Throughout...
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Kunwald, Cæsar (1870-1947)

Cæsar Kunwald was a well-travelled artist primarily known for his enchanting portraits, which are imbued with a sense of style, spirit and character. Initial...
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Moro, Vala (b.1907)

Vala Moro was an Austrian-Hungarian dancer and artist working in Vienna during the 1920s and 1930s. She’s known to have danced at the illustrious Vienna Konz...
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Ratzka, Arthur Ludwig (b. 1869)

Arthur Ludwig Ratzka was a popular Hungarian portraitist that's primarily known for his work during the early 20th-century. Numerous society figures sat for ...
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