Ratzka, Arthur Ludwig (b. 1869)

Ratzka, Arthur Ludwig (b. 1869)

Arthur Ludwig Ratzka was a popular Hungarian portraitist that's primarily known for his work during the early 20th-century. Numerous society figures sat for him along with various political leaders.

Shortly after his divorce from writer Clare Ratzka, he headed for New York and became an authority on pastel portraits. In a newspaper interview, he explained that a subject's soul can be read via expressions of the face.

"He who occupies himself with the study of the face quickly observes that every inward thought or emotional reaction finds its expression in the face. The most advantageous expression of the model's characteristics, finely painted, produces a beautiful, sincere portrait of the personality. To catch that right moment is the problem of the true portrait painter".


Born. Andrejowa, Hungary.


Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.


Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich.


Known to have worked in Berlin.

c. 1910

Portrait of Artist Hans von Hayek (1869-1940)

Hans von Hayek (1869-1940)

Portrait of Artist Adolf Hoelzel (1853-1934)

Adolf Hoelzel (1853-1934)


Married German writer, Clara Ernst (1872-1928). The couple travelled extensively including trips to Switzerland, Italy, Lithuania and Finland.


Portrait of Clare Ratzka 

Clara Ratzka

c. 1915

Portrait of a Gentleman. From our own collection.

Arthur Ludwig Ratzka


Portrait of a Gentleman


Portrait of Clare Ratzka

Clare Ratzka


Known to have worked in New York.

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