Artist Directory — Czech Republic

Baran, Otakar (1905-1986)

Otakar Baran began his career in advertising and design and would’ve had contact with many young business executives and fashion models. In 1937, Baran visi...
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Fleischmann, Pavel (1898-1978)

Pavel Fleischmann was a Jewish artist that’s primarily known for his landscapes, still lifes and portraits. He was born in Pilsen but emigrated to Sweden in ...
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Loewenstamm, Emma (1879-1941)

Czech artist, Emma Loewenstamm specialised in etched portraits imbued with the spirit of their subjects. She worked with a gentle sensitivity and there’s a t...
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Wirkner, Wenzel (1864-1947)

Austrian artist Wenzel Wirkner is primarily known for his impressionistic landscape paintings that often depict picturesque valleys and lakes. His style is f...
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