Loewenstamm, Emma (1879-1941)

Loewenstamm, Emma (1879-1941)
Loewenstamm, Emma (1879-1941)

Czech artist, Emma Loewenstamm specialised in etched portraits imbued with the spirit of their subjects. She worked with a gentle sensitivity and there’s a timeless quality to her portrayals. Take, for example, her depiction of Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) - with an inquisitive brow and discerning expression, he remains as spellbinding as ever.

Alongside her work as a portraitist, she painted landscapes and interiors.


Born in Nachód, Bohemia, Czech Republic to Berthold Löwenstamm (1833-1913) and Cäcilie Löwenstamm, née Goldschmid (1839-1910).

c. 1890

Moved with her family to Vienna.

Studied under Ferdinand Schmutzer (1870-1928).

Worked in Vienna, Prague and Gablonz.


Began exhibiting works.

Joined the Vienna Artists' Etching Club.

c. 1907

c. 1910

Portrait of Leo Tolstoy

Portrait of Leo Tolstoy


Portrait of Arthura Schnitzler-Löewenstamm

Portrait of Arthura Schnitzler-Löwenstamma

c. 1915


Moved to Gablonz with her partner Ernst Viktor Zenker, a writer.


Portrait of Hideyo Noguchi. From our collection.

Hideyo Noguchi


Died. Prague, Bohemia, Czech Republic.

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