Leopoldo Marco Antonio Caldani

Anatomical Engraving, Icones Anatomicae

Leopoldo Marco Antonio Caldani

Anatomical Engraving, Icones Anatomicae

This exquisitely rendered early 19th-century anatomical engraving once formed part of the Icones Anatomicae - a set of four volumes depicting various parts of the body.

It was created by Leopoldo Marco Antonio Caldani (1725-1813) and his nephew, Floriano Caldani (1772-1836), a collaboration between two exceptional minds.

When published, Icones Anatomicae was widely lauded as the finest representation of the anatomy to date and today it still garners a great deal of interest from the scientific community.

Framed and glazed.

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Medium: Engraving on paper
Overall size: 23½” x 34” / 60cm x 87cm
Year of creation: c. 1813
Condition: Minor foxing.

Conservation & History

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