Anders Zorn

Prince Paul Troubetzkoy In The Studio

Anders Zorn

Prince Paul Troubetzkoy In The Studio

This spirited etching of Prince Paolo Petrovich Troubetzkoy (1866-1938) by Swedish artist Anders Zorn (1860-1920) depicts the sculptor working on a bust of Zorn himself.

Both artists are immersed in their work, each respectful of the other, a mutual kinship between seasoned professionals. The meeting took place in Zorn’s Stockholm studio.

They probably met each other in Paris where both worked for an extended period of time. Troubetzkoy was an interesting character and it’s likely the two were friends. Alexandra Tolstoy described the sculptor in her father’s autobiography: "Father was very fond of him. A sweet and childlike person in addition to his great gifts, he read practically nothing, spoke little, all his life was wrapped up in sculpture. As a convinced vegetarian he would not eat meat but cried: ‘Je ne mange pas de cadavre!’ if anyone offered him some. In his studio in St. Petersburg there was a whole zoo: a bear, a fox, a horse, and a vegetarian wolf.”

Given the description of his Paris studio, perhaps this explains why their sittings were held in Stockholm.

Here’s an image of his finished work, which depicts Zorn midway through his drawing.

Framed and glazed.

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Medium: Etching on paper
Overall size: 16½” x 14” / 42cm x 35cm
Year of creation: 1908
Condition: Artwork presents well.
Artist’s auction highlight (for etchings): £23,284 for ‘Kusinerna’ in 1989.

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