Zorn, Anders (1860-1920)

Zorn, Anders (1860-1920)
Zorn, Anders (1860-1920)

Anders Zorn is considered to be one of Sweden’s greatest artists and, today, his works are held in many of the world’s leading public collections. He was a precocious talent who impressed from an early age.

He studied at the Royal Swedish Academy of Art in Stockholm and was soon commissioned by many of Stockholm’s notable dignitaries. Following this, he travelled extensively and achieved international success - with portraits including three American presidents.

Today he’s represented in the Musée d'Orsay, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


Born in Mora, Sweden to Leonhard Zorn and Grudd Anna Andersdotter. Anders never met his mother and was raised by his grandparents.


Enrolled at the Royal Academy of Arts, Stockholm.


Met his future wife, Emma Lamm. At this point, Zorn’s financial situation wasn’t acceptable for Emma’s family who were considerably more wealthy. So he moved abroad to study and build a career.

Travelled primarily to England and Spain. Spent most summers back in Sweden.


Married Emma Lamm.


Lived abroad - mainly in England and Paris.


Spent the winter in St Ives, Cornwall, UK. This is seen as a turning point as he began to paint in oils rather than watercolours.


Exhibited ‘A Fisherman in St Ives’ at the Paris Salon, which was bought by the State.


Settled in Paris.

Began painting nudes in outdoor settings. A subject he would become recognised for.


Exhibited at the World’s Fair, Paris. Awarded the Légion d'Honneur and produced a self-portrait for the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.


Exhibited at the Columbian World Fair, Chicago - his first trip to the US. This was an important moment as he returned to the States several times thereafter.


Moved back to Mora, Sweden, and funded a high school for the local community. Both Anders and his wife were proud of their heritage.


Produced a portrait of US President Grover Cleveland and his wife Mrs Frances Cleveland.


Produced an etching of US President Theodore Roosevelt.


Produced a portrait of Queen Sophia.


Produced a portrait of US President William Taft.


Died in Mora, Sweden.

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