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Wolmar, Gustav (1880-1971)

Swedish painter, Gustav Wolmar, produced spirited portraits, landscapes and scenes imbued with the vibrancy of his own experiences. A well-travelled man, he ...
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Wustmann, Gustav (1873-1939)

Gustav Wustmann was the son of a great historian by the same name and studied at the Academies in Leipzig and Munich. He was predominantly a painter of land...
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Zorn, Anders (1860-1920)

Anders Zorn is considered to be one of Sweden’s greatest artists and, today, his works are held in many of the world’s leading public collections. He was a p...
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Åkesson, Jonas (1879-1979)

Swedish artist Jonas Åkesson is regarded as one of the foremost portrait painters from the Skåne region of Sweden. His expressive and often enigmatic portrai...
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Ølsted, Peter (1824-1887)

Peter Ølsted produced tranquil landscapes with far-reaching views across abundant pastures and idyllic rural villages. His style was entirely traditional and...
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