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Van Gelderen, Simon (1905-1986)

Van Gelderen trained at the Academy in Brussels and he’s known for his still lifes, landscapes and interior scenes. In 2010, a similar still life with salmo...
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Van Kregten, Fedor (1871-1937)

Fedor Van Kregten was self-taught and pursued a career in art initially against his father’s wishes. He’s regarded as an important member of ‘The Hague Schoo...
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Van Neste, Alfred (1874-1969)

Belgian artist, Alfred Van Neste, was primarily known for his landscapes but he also painted still lifes. He studied at the Bruges and Antwerp art academies ...
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Vedel, Herman (1875-1948)

Herman Vedel was the leading Danish portraitist of his generation but he also painted landscapes and still lifes. He trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Art...
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Vermehren, Frederik (1823-1910)

Frederik Vermehren was a genre and portrait painter that worked during the ‘Golden Age of Danish Painting’. He’s best known for his depictions of ordinary ru...
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Vermehren, Gustav (1863-1931)

Gustav Vermehren was born into a creative family and destined to become an artist. His father, Frederik (1823-1910) was an accomplished painter - well admire...
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