Luypaert, Jean-François (1893-1954)

Luypaert, Jean-François (1893-1954)

Jean-François Luypaert was a Belgian painter of interiors, landscapes, seascapes and still lifes. With a particular fondness for the effects of light on historic architecture, his town scenes are particularly effective.

Alongside his work as a teacher, Luypaert attended lectures at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. Honing his skills while gaining a deeper understanding of academic models and precepts. Born in Vilvoorde, he carried abundant respect for the eminent artist Jean-François Portaels (1818-1895), who was also raised in the city. As such, he later founded the Cercle Portaels to promote local artistic endeavours.

His oeuvre is one of dappled, post-impressionistic, views - often with rivers or canals. Coupled with townscapes that delineate the architecture in low-key muted tones. He also tackled the interiors of old buildings including the Rubens House in Antwerp and the Erasmus House in Anderlecht.

One gets the sense that Luypaert treasured the rugged decorative facades of old buildings, particularly those in Veurne. His studio for many years was situated in Veurne’s marketplace within a 17th-century building known as the ‘Hoge Wacht’. From his large window, he could admire the town’s impressive architecture while visitors passed by for shopping or refreshments. Several of his works depict the studio itself.

Jean-François Luypaert

Jean-François Luypaert, The Artist's Studio At Veurne

In 1946, following his return from World War II, Luypaert quit teaching to pursue his art career full-time, taking a studio in an old mill at Dunes Abbey of Koksijde. It was from here that he produced some of his best work, leading to several medals at the Salon des Artistes in Paris.

As a result of his late success, he was decorated with the prestigious "Knight in the Order of Leopold".

Today, the Cercle Portaels continues to thrive and his legacy is one of a humble artist keen to develop the potential of others.


Born in Vilvoorde, Belgium to Jean-François Luypaert and Anna-Catherina Derauw.

Trained under Louis Titz at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels.


Founded the Cercle Portaels.

Worked as a teacher in Schaerbeek and Vilvoorde.

Married Emma Debled.

C. 1940

Served in World War II.

C. 1946

Moved to Coxyde, Belgium.


Exhibited at the Salon des Artistes, Paris. Received an honourable mention.


Exhibited at the Salon des Artistes, Paris. Awarded a gold medal.

C. 1951

Exhibited at the Salon des Artistes, Paris. Awarded the Prix de l' Yser.

C. 1952

Awarded the ‘Knight in the Order of Leopold’.


Died in Ostend, Belgium.

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