Moritz Calisch, Portrait Of A Lady With A Floral Bonnet

Moritz Calisch, Portrait Of A Lady With A Floral Bonnet

A fine mid-19th-century portrait of a lady by Dutch painter, Moritz Calisch (1819-1870). She’s wearing a bell-shaped black dress along with a sumptuous lace wrap and a bonnet decorated with small roses. She also has an array of elaborate jewellery and a large diamond brooch. Clearly a lady of considerable means. The details here are exquisite and Calisch has rendered the light superbly well.

Calisch studied at the Royal Academy of Amsterdam under Jan Adam Kruseman and was highly regarded during his lifetime. He’s primarily known for his historical paintings but he also created numerous portraits of the Jewish elite in Amsterdam. Calisch, himself, was of Jewish descent.

In 1842, art writer Johannes Immerzeel described Calisch as “blessed with a more than ordinary gift that manifested itself at a young age” and how “it was a delight to see the variety of fine paintings shown by the young master at our exhibitions”.

Calisch’s works are housed in several museums including the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam where there’s also a self-portrait.

The portrait is signed/dated in the upper right.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 29” x 36½” / 73cm x 93cm
Year of creation: 1844
Provenance: France
Condition: Very presentable indeed. Some light craquelure but the paint layer is stable. Examination under UV shows areas of light professional restoration.

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