Late 18th-Century Danish School Portrait Of A Lady

Late 18th-Century Danish School Portrait Of A Lady

A fine late 18th-century portrait of a lady wearing a beautiful dress with a lace collar.

Her outfit is a little tricky to decipher but she’s probably wearing a caraco, which is a small close-fitting jacket, as these were popular during the 1780s. They were often worn with a skirt in a contrasting colour.

Towards the end of the 18th-century, hairstyles were becoming a little quieter than they had been previously. Simple coiffures, often worn with a hat, replaced the fantastical head-dresses of the 1770s.

We love her eyes, which are abundant with life, and her almost whimsical expression.

The portrait is presented in an oval and housed within a later frame.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 29½” x 34” / 75cm x 87cm
Year of creation: c. 1790
Provenance: Denmark
Condition: Very presentable overall. Areas of craquelure but the paint is stable following a previous restoration. Well looked after.

Conservation & History

We care profoundly about our role as custodians and every piece in the collection has been assessed by our conservator. When required, we undertake professional restoration carefully using reversible techniques and adopt a light touch to retain the aged charm of each work. We also restore frames rather than replace them as many are original and selected by the artists themselves.

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