J Eberhart

Portrait Of Hannche & Maria Weichsel

J Eberhart

Portrait Of Hannche & Maria Weichsel

This charming mid-19th-century German oil painting by J Eberhart depicts two sisters, Hannche & Maria Weichsel.

Sitting before a picturesque mountain range, the girls are attired in the latest fashion. Hannche, on the left, wears a decorous bell-shaped blue dress with lace embellishments and holds a single rose. While Maria wears dark green and clutches a handkerchief embroidered with her name. It’s likely that she’s conveying her skill for handicrafts.

The 1850s were known for demure silhouettes, which emphasised a small waist, sloped shoulders and a large voluminous skirt. The sisters are displaying their knowledge of the latest styles, while also portraying a sense of modesty and piousness.

Artistically, the attention to detail is synonymous with the approach during the ‘Biedermeier’ period. It’s a little provincial, endlessly charming, and somewhat similar to American folk art.

It’s inscribed ‘J Eberhart’ on the reverse and held within a gilt frame.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 15” x 18” / 38cm x 46cm
Year of creation: 1857
Labels & Inscriptions: Inscribed with the sitters' details on the reverse.
Condition: Craquelure but the paint is stable following its consolidation. We've avoided relining the canvas to retain the visibility of the valuable inscription on the reserve. Frame with some light wear.

Conservation & History

We care profoundly about our role as custodians and every piece in the collection has been assessed by our conservator. When required, we undertake professional restoration carefully using reversible techniques and adopt a light touch to retain the aged charm of each work. We also restore frames rather than replace them as many are original and selected by the artists themselves.

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