Helene Krebs

Still Life With Apples & Fish

Helene Krebs

Still Life With Apples & Fish

This playful early 20th-century still life by Helene Krebs depicts a variety of disparate objects including apples and fish.

Strongly lit and highly decorative, the arrangement brings a feast for the eyes.

Towards the centre, the apples emerge, radiant in yellow and red. Clearly the star, they sit forward supported by the other elements. Note how the plant contrasts with the tight forms of the fruit. Its loose leaves hang with little order or control. And how the silvery fish compare with the sharpness of the apples. An unusual pairing, yet balanced and interesting.

Krebs has succeeded in creating a difficult harmony. She’s challenged herself with various surfaces. Perhaps it’s an allegory on the complexities of love? Or maybe just a test of her own dexterity.

The painting was acquired from the collection of Theodor Jönsson - a student of Helene’s husband, Frederik Christian Krebs.

Signed/dated and framed.

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Medium: Oil on paper laid on canvas
Overall size: 33½” x 46½” / 85cm x 119cm
Year of creation: 1900
Provenance: Private collection, Denmark.
Condition: Artwork presents well. Frame with some light wear.

Conservation & History

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