Krebs, Helene

Krebs, Helene

Helene Krebs was an artist of Danish descent who became involved in the burgeoning art world in Sweden during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Krebs was married to Danish artist Frederik Christian Krebs and in 1882 she moved with him to Lund, Sweden. Here, as an art teacher, her husband became influential in communicating styles prominent in Danish art, such as realism.

Despite uncertainties over the artist’s life, it's clear she was a talented painter from the good understanding of perspective and dimension her artwork possesses. There is also much to suggest she might have worked alongside her husband and gained tuition from him. The earthy hues and experimentation with artificial lighting in Krebs’ work were recognised as also being particular to her husband’s style. Furthermore, Krebs’ husband also engaged in detailed still life studies.

Krebs’ work was valued as it was kept as part of a collection curated by Theodor Jönsson. Jönsson had been a student of Krebs’ husband in Lund, and after his death wanted to ensure the works that he had collected were preserved for others to enjoy. The prospect that he kept his former teacher’s wife’s work to be valued by others one day is touching. It also demonstrates that whilst little is known about Helene Krebs herself, her work is a worthy legacy.


Married the artist Frederik Christian Krebs.


Moved to Lund, Sweden.



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