Hans Ole Brasen

Mother & Daughter In A Summer Landscape

Hans Ole Brasen

Mother & Daughter In A Summer Landscape

This 19th-century oil painting by Danish artist Hans Ole Brasen (1849-1930) depicts a mother and child within a scenic Summertime landscape. It’s an early work by Brasen and demonstrates his adoration of virtuous family life.

Under the radiant gaze of a warm Summer’s day, a loving mother, attired in a flowing white dress, looks towards her daughter. Both are nestled into a patch of verdant grass between scatterings of bright daisies. Beyond them, a mature coppice frames the meadow while a silvery horizon denotes a distant woodland. This was a day to remember, an escape to the country among close friends and family. Can you imagine how she felt? What are they saying to each other?

Hans Ole Brasen cherished the close moments spent with family and often returned to this theme for inspiration. He was the eldest of six children and later raised five of his own, together with wife, Anna. His landscapes are often imbued with buoyancy, charm and positivity - they seek to elevate the ordinary moments of family life with particular emphasis on maternal nurture.

During his lifetime, his works were popular with middle-class buyers who admired his light-filled candid snapshots, which were handled with superior draughtsmanship.

Brasen trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and later under Leon Bonnat in Paris. He's represented in numerous public collections.

Signed/dated lower left and held within a gilt neo-classical revival scotia frame with leaf-tip moulding at sight edge, probably original.

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Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 15½” x 12½” / 40cm x 32cm
Year of creation: 1871
Labels & Inscriptions: Exhibition label.
Condition: Artwork presents well. Canvas relined. Craquelure but the paint is stable.
Artist’s auction maximum: £55,380

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