Gerald Leslie Brockhurst RA, La Casaquin De Laine (The Wool Jacket)

Gerald Leslie Brockhurst RA, La Casaquin De Laine (The Wool Jacket)

This exquisite early 20th-century etching by Gerald Leslie Brockhurst RA (1890-1978) depicts the artist’s wife, Anais Brockhurst. It’s rendered with his typical attention to detail and imbued with an advanced understanding of the human spirit.

She clutches her necklace, with her left elbow planted on a hardback book, right hand on her lap. Her head is turned to reveal a large earring - partially shaded by the brim of a ribboned hat.

In 1923, when this was published, Anais had recently discovered Gerald’s affair with her sister, Marguerite. How do you read her expression?

Signed in pencil, lower right, and housed within a good contemporary frame.

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Medium: Etching on paper
Overall size: 14” x 16½” / 36cm x 42cm
Year of creation: 1923
Condition: Overall very presentable.
Artist’s auction highlight: Artist’s auction highlight: £105,000 achieved for ‘Nadia’ at Christie's in 2014.

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