George Clare

Still Life With Bird’s Nest, Flowers & Mossy Bank

George Clare

Still Life With Bird’s Nest, Flowers & Mossy Bank

This beautiful 19th-century oil painting by British artist George Clare (1835-1890) depicts a bird’s nest, flowers, and mossy bank.

Clare was an accomplished painter of tumbling still lifes and iconic English flora. He worked initially in the decorative arts as a japanner, while honing his skills as a painter, and his works are often compared with those of William Henry Hunt (1790-1864) who appears to have been an influence.

While many of his contemporaries were focusing on the landscape, Clare was foraging through the hedgerows searching for inspiration. His exquisite, lifelike, renderings are a result of his passion for the natural world and his painstaking technique.

His works evoke a gentle walk in the countryside and remain popular among those seeking respite from the trappings of modern life. Today, he’s considered to be one of the finest British still-life painters of his generation.

He exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of British Artists, and the British Institution. He's represented in numerous public collections.

Signed in the lower right and held in a beautiful later frame.

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Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 13½” x 15½” / 34cm x 39cm
Year of creation: c. 1870
Provenance: Private collection, UK.
Condition: Assessed and approved by our conservator. Cleaned. Fine and settled craquelure, as you would expect. The paint layer is stable.
Artist’s auction maximum: £10,600 for ‘A Still Life of Violets, Apple Blossom, Geraniums, Bird's Nest’, Oil on canvas, Sotheby’s, The Garden & Selected Watercolours & Selected Oil Paintings, West Sussex, 1996.
Our reference: BRV1834

Conservation & History

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