Ernst Fuchs

Eva In A Negligee

Ernst Fuchs

Eva In A Negligee

This 20th-century etching by Austrian artist Ernst Fuchs (1930-2015) depicts ‘Eva Christine’ in a negligee. It’s from a limited edition of 200.

Fuchs was seemingly besotted with this woman and produced numerous works, each conveyed through a mystical world of sensuality. In 1969, we see Eva merging into an ancient tree, while in 1973, she’s stretched into a scrawny Madonna. She also assumes the role of Eve and, in 1977, emerges from Adam’s rib.

To contextualise Fuchs’ obsession with fantasy, we need to first consider the events of 1946 in post-war Austria. Fuchs was 16, his country devastated by the shocking effects of war. A nation on its knees and a civilisation longing to escape - both literally and psychologically. He sought refuge through art and, inspired by the free-thinkers of the past, created The Vienna School of Fantastic Realism along with several other pioneers. This unusual school sought to combine a myriad of ideas, from the early Italian old masters, through to the philosophies of surrealist Salvador Dali. This young dynamic group immersed themselves in their work and created an altogether new style of art - a heady concoction of old and new.

Through this new wave of fantastical art came the most important aspect of all - escape. Fuchs’ detached from reality and discovered a genial world living inside the bonds of a shared cause. The Fantastic Realists designed a place in oil and ink, absent from the urban decay on their doorstep.

Fuchs’ relationship with Eva is firmly at the heart of his escape into fantasy. She’s the epitome of this new world and often depicted as nature itself. His love transcends the incidental and becomes the beating heart of his escape. Eva was his Genesis. His etchings are his legacy.

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Medium: Etching with aquatint
Overall size: 21½” x 27½” / 55cm x 70cm
Year of creation: 1969
Condition: Artwork presents well.
Artist’s auction highlight: £7,140 achieved for a gouache in 2003.

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