Early 20th-Century French School Park Scene With Statue

Early 20th-Century French School Park Scene With Statue

A beautiful impressionist park scene dating to the early 20th-century. The park is alive with the rich hues of late Summer as several mature trees cast long shadows onto thick grass. A shaft of light illuminates a solitary statue as the sky turns a brilliant orange.

The artist has been inspired by the great French impressionists who were well-loved when this painting was created. In 1900, Monet had begun his ‘Water Lillies’ series, which consisted of 250 works depicting his pond and gardens. The impressionists inspired so many painters during this exciting time for French art.

It’s interesting to consider the inclusion of the statue in this piece. It could simply be for aesthetic reasons or perhaps it indicates a sense of calm - a figure alone in nature.

The painting is signed in the lower right and inscribed on the reverse.

Oil on canvas
Overall size
18” x 15½” / 46cm x 39cm
Year of creation
c. 1900
A few minor repairs to the canvas and some minor paint losses but overall very presentable.

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