Early 20th-Century Belgian School

Portrait Of A Girl With Pearls

Early 20th-Century Belgian School

Portrait Of A Girl With Pearls

This early 20th-century oil on canvas depicts a young lady wearing a white dress and pearl necklace.

When her parents commissioned this portrait in around 1900, it was a monumental occasion. Can you imagine how she felt when arriving at the artist’s studio, dressed in her fineries, wearing a pearl necklace probably loaned by her mother?

Her expression carries a sense that she appreciates how important this moment is. Keen to do what she can to ensure a good outcome. After all, the extended family and a large group of friends would be viewing this portrait for many decades to come. Her parents probably had their own portraits hanging alongside.

When did we lose our passion for family portraiture? How have oil paintings been replaced by quick snaps on an iPhone? An original artistic work carries life and charm. It conveys a sense of the sitter’s personality beyond an aesthetic facade.

Here, we see a likeness encapsulated and immortalised by a well-trained hand over 140 years ago.

Signed illegibly in the lower right and held within its original frame.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 24” x 27” / 61cm x 70cm
Year of creation: c. 1904
Condition: Areas of in-painting following a previous restoration. Frame with some light wear.

Conservation & History

We care profoundly about our role as custodians and every piece in the collection has been assessed by our conservator. When required, we undertake professional restoration carefully using reversible techniques and adopt a light touch to retain the aged charm of each work. We also restore frames rather than replace them as many are original and selected by the artists themselves.

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