Early 18th-Century Flemish School Still Life With Flowers & Vase

Early 18th-Century Flemish School Still Life With Flowers & Vase

A sumptuous early 18th-century still life depicting an abundant bouquet tumbling from a vase. The style, colouring, and composition remind us of the Flemish still life painter, Jan Baptist Bosschaert (1667-1746). So perhaps the artist was a follower or worked within his circle.

Towards the end of the 17th-century, Flemish still life painting began to show a preference for decorative presentation. Artists such as Bosschaert and Gaspar Peeter Verbruggen the Younger would often depict flowers set within beautiful stone vases and elaborate gardens. This was noticeably different to their predecessors who tended to focus wholeheartedly on the details of the various flowers, fruit or insects on display.

In this particular piece, the vase is standing before an atmospheric dark woodland, which provides contrast for the bright flora.

The painting is housed within a later (maybe 19th-century) octagonal frame.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 25” x 30” / 64cm x 77cm
Year of creation: c. 1720
Provenance: Portugal
Condition: Generally very presentable and in good condition for its age. Craquelure is present throughout as you would expect but the paint is stable. Canvas relined. Frame with some light scuffs and wear.