Cubist Portrait Of A Man In A Hat

Cubist Portrait Of A Man In A Hat

A mid-20th-century cubist oil painting depicting a man in a hat.

The Cubist movement of the early-20th-century was revolutionary in its approach. Artists, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, sought to convey more about a subject by bringing several views together in the same image.

By doing so, they reflect the fact that in reality we rarely see an object from one set angle as our perspectives continually change.

Part of the fun of Cubism is trying to figure out the subject in question and it’s not always a straightforward task. What do you see in this particular piece? There’s certainly a figure in a hat but what is he holding?

The painted is housed in a decorative vintage frame and monogrammed in the lower left.

Oil on board
Size including frame
13⅔” x 17¼” / 35cm x 44cm
Year of creation
c. 1940
Artwork in good condition. Frame with minor losses and age-related wear.