Anna Cramer, Interior Scene With Woman Holding A Dagger

Anna Cramer, Interior Scene With Woman Holding A Dagger

A poignant late 19th-century charcoal drawing of a female holding a dagger by German artist, Anna Cramer (1857-1941). The drawing was probably completed during Cramer’s studies and may reference a story relating to Swedish folklore.

It’s a puzzling scene as it appears to depict a heroine standing mournfully while she holds a dagger. A tapestry with a faint image of the crucifixion is hung behind her. Christianity was woven into Scandinavian folklore by the 11th-century, which led to the phasing out of certain mythology. So it’s plausible that this scene relates to a story post-11th-century. If you know what it is, do tell us.

Anna Cramer (Anna Marie-Louise Cramer) was primarily known for portraits and interior scenes with children. She was born in Hamburg but moved to Stockholm where she attended the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts - studying under Johan August Malmström (1829-1901). She also trained in Paris.

Cramer was also a member of the women’s suffrage movement in Sweden, which was active between 1902 and 1921. We’ve discovered her name on a petition from 1906 that campaigned for women’s voting rights.

The drawing is signed in the lower right, housed within a good contemporary framed, and glazed.

Medium: Charcoal on paper
Overall size: 24” x 35” / 61cm x 89cm
Year of creation: c. 1880
Provenance: Sweden
Condition: Overall very good.

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