Aksel Martin Lasson, Fra Dyrnaes

Aksel Martin Lasson, Fra Dyrnaes

This early 20th-century landscape painting by Danish artist Aksel Martin Lassen (1869-1946) depicts a tree-lined path with cows. It’s an accomplished piece and captures an array of green tones with skill and appreciation.

An inscription on the reverse reads ‘Fra Dyrnaes’ (From Dyrnaes), which is an old Norse settlement in Southern Greenland. Dyrnaes is not particularly well-known for its lush tree-lined tracks so it’s been suggested that the view is actually in Diernæs on the island of Funen, Denmark.

However, Lassen created several works that refer to Dyrnaes in the title, including ‘Dyrnaes Fjord’, so perhaps it is Greenland. It’s also interesting to note that, when this was painted in 1928, Dyrnaes was one of the only areas where it was possible to operate cattle farming.

If Lasson did travel to Southern Greenland, he would’ve enjoyed observing how the harsh climate affected the natural environment. Note how the trees on the right lean across the track - forced to grow in this direction by years of coastal gales.

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Medium: Oil on canvas
Overall size: 26½” x 22” / 67cm x 56cm
Year of creation: 1928
Condition: Artwork presents well. A minor abrasion in the lower right. Frame with some light wear.

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