19th-Century Timeworn Portrait Of A Gentleman

19th-Century Timeworn Portrait Of A Gentleman

A sensitive portrait of a mid-19th-century gentleman wearing a black double-breasted frock coat, white shirt and black necktie.

During the 1840s, male fashion was inspired by the style of a young Prince Albert. As a result, men often had an hourglass figure with tightly cinched waists and barrel chests. They also tended to wear tight trousers and waistcoats with high upstanding collars under neckties.

This charming old portrait has accumulated various layers of wear over time giving it an interesting worn appearance. It’s a nice piece for a gallery wall, nook or shelf.

Inscribed 'Joseph Herrman 1845' on the reverse.

Oil on canvas
Overall size
10” x 13” / 25cm x 33cm
Year of creation
c. 1845
Several indentations in the paint surface, areas of paint loss and craquelure throughout. Repairs. Canvas a little undulant.