19th-Century English School

Group Portrait Of Three Children

19th-Century English School

Group Portrait Of Three Children

This charming mid-19th-century watercolour depicts three children, possibly siblings, within an interior.

Attired in the latest fashions, they each hold a pose. On the left, a young lad proudly holds a violin. On the right, a demure young lady clutches a small basket. While centre-stage, the oldest girl points her toe as if immersed in a merry dance.

It’s fascinating to consider the sitting, the conversations between their parents and the artist.

“Well, Isabelle is a wonderful dancer, she ought to go in the middle.”
“Mary of course needs her basket, do hold still Mary. Not long to go.”
“And where’s Alfred? Gone to get his violin. He’s adamant it should be included."

Watercolours of this nature were popular with the Victorians and even the Queen herself was partial to dabbling in the art. The artist here is unknown but probably local to the family estate.

Medium: Watercolour on paper
Overall size: 17” x 16” / 43cm x 40cm
Year of creation: c. 1850
Condition: Artwork presents well.

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